Wednesday, January 30, 2008

January 30 - Glorious Day

Page 6 of Mice and Men, Act V, Scene 1 A "Jus' feel that hair" prepared for publication.

Theory dictation is Rex Coeli (Glorious King) from the Scholia Enchiriadis (c. 850), but certainly not in the original notation,


as quickie, first-part-only bass line, then we all provide upper harmony as directed on the boards and sing same, with the old oblique-motion gag. Finally, intriguing piece from Curtis Cochran featuring IM7 iim7 iiim7 and IVM7 in Bb.

Doug and Mark Steidel like the looks of the blogspot sites, and consider starting a composer site and a travel site respectively. Trying to find a picture of Mark, find one of Owen Lee instead, looking like he's ready to start a latter blog himself!

Home along not nearly such an adventuresome path, via local Mexican joint with Harriet, the Vaca Mountains shining away in the distance (although not as golden as in this summer shot).

The evening slip-sliding away, cruising to great heights and putting up the January 2008 issue at, a few medieval composers at, and images from The Lord's Prayer, Variations and Theme, Interrupted Interludes, The Twelve Fingers, Henry Miller in Brooklyn, The Playboy of the Western World, and The Pied Piper of Hamelin at

Also put up sound file of Op. 107 Out on the Porch: II. I'm Already in Trouble at