Thursday, January 31, 2008

January 31 - Birth and Transposition

Composer Brian Holmes

who plays a multitude of brass instruments, including garden hose (topped with a French horn mouthpiece) -- which he performed during his opera Fun with Dick and Jane

during Fresh Voices

at The Thick House

several seasons back, featuring Sarah Hutchison (same series as premiere of my opera after Tennessee Williams's Camino Real) --

and who goes online by the monicker Cabbage Horn (whence the opening picture above), checks in with,

"Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday Happy Birthday" filling up a comment post at

I delete it hastily, tell'em thanks, but it's not my birthday...

He writes back, "Oh, it's Philip Glass's


What else could my response be than,


Oh I

Oh I get

Oh I get it

Oh I get it now"?

Quiz 3 for the Music Theoreticians, with musical examples drawn from the Northern Arapaho Rabbit Dance (Dear Sweetheart),

Gregorian Chant,

and the Scholia Enchiriadis.

In the lab thereafter, to record the original chamber score (English horn, clarinet, voice, and harp) of

Mice Suite No. 2:
I. Breathsong
II. Tartsong I
III. Tartsong II
V. Deathsong I

Full orchestration of IV. Dancesong, previous small orchestration of VI. Deathsong II, and the chamber-score-on-GarageBand VII. Hartsong seem to be appropriate for now.

Next, on to Marin, via California Route 4 between Martinez and Hercules (shot is eastbound on a considerably sunnier day),

over the Richmond Bridge, with its view of Mt. Tamalpais,

to San Rafael

and environs to check the post box and pick up the February 2008 issue of 21ST-CENTURY MUSIC (

Grade papers at Celia's

eventually finding the way up to Novato

(N.B. it's dark by now) to drop off the new Mice Suite recording to Suzanna.

Then it's over the lonely flats of Route 37,

through the Sulfur Springs Mountains

near St. John Mine,

and home, putting up Block 7 from Camino Real on the myspace site, featuring Brian Rosen

as Gutman.