Wednesday, April 2, 2008

April 2 -Birthday Behemoth Beatles Beam-Up

In the lab recording Mice and Men, Act V, Scene 1 C with vocals (Curley's Wife an octave up) and a cow crescendo of barn sounds (raw material also used in recording of Act IV opener), which Doug, Sebastian, and David seem to enjoy.

Then off to William Loney's in Oakland for a Steven Clark Amok Time rehearsal -- show will be up again at Boxcar Theatre on April 14, info and production / rehearsal shots soon at

Captain Kirk -- William Loney
Mr. Spock -- Karl Coryat
Dr. McCoy -- Mark Alburger
Lt. Uhura / Stonn -- Suzanna Mizell
Mr. Chekhov / T'Pring -- Cynthia Weyuker
T'Pau -- Susan Clark
Composer / Director -- Steven Clark

Ah, yes, the birthday -- home with Harriet late for cake and ice cream -- we'll celebrate a bit more tomorrow with a Napa adventure.

Meanwhile... good to hear from Bette, George, and Sorrel... decidedly lower key festivities than last year's big 50th...

Before all this, Theory dictation/harmony of Paul McCartney's Yesterday (7-bar main theme)


Re Do Do
Mi Fi Si La Ti Do
Ti La La
La La Sol Fa Mi Re
Fa Mi Mi
Re Do Mi Re La
Do Mi Mi

I vii III7 (V7 of vi) vi IV V I V6 vi II (V of V) IV I

with the nicely ambiguous interplay with D Relative Minor --
reminiscent of the Renaissance Quando Ritrovna of Constanzo Festa...