Thursday, April 3, 2008

April 3 - Birth, the Sequel

Start yet another new piece today -- 24 Preludes and Fugues ("Standards"), Op. 162, with popular songs overlaid on the J.S. Bach Well-Tempered Clavier, beginning with X. Fuga, in E Minor ("Autumn Leaves"), written, printed out, and sent as a midi file over the internet before heading off to school.

Quiz day, 11th in the series, Chord Sequences with works drawn from Duke Ellington, John Cage,

Bela Bartok, Jester Hairston, Richard Rogers, Olivier Messiaen,

Muddy Waters, and

Richard Berry.

Record the new fugue in the lab, Harpsichord 1 setting with generous amount of reverb.

Home, and then right out again with Harriet, back to Napa and Dry Lake Canyon,

for a lovely, though fairly shady, walk, with seemingly Turkish spires peeking through the trees

and wires.

Cars are bearing down

and trucks are veering round,

so it's time to decamp to dinner al fresco at Joe's on the new patio adjacent to the new park and new walkway along the old Napa River.

Back again, and write X. Preludium (prelude) to go with the fugue above, this opener a more overt usage of the pop standard than in the imitative counterpoint that follows.