Friday, February 1, 2008

February 1 - Symphony of A Thousand Tasks

Gustav Mahler Symphony No. 1: III ("The Huntsman's Funeral") (Frere Jacques in D Minor) for dictation today.

Do Re Me Re Do (repeated) Me Fa Sol (repeated)

Sol Le Sol Fa Me Re Do (repeated) Sol Sol Do (repeated),

Lunch with Harriet at local Italian joint, with gray views of the Vaca Mountains -- one only imagines that above they would look more like below (but probably not, since this photo is no doubt a summer fog shot),

then really beginning to write the Music History text at, with medieval chapters on Jehan, Philippe de Vitry, Guillaume de Machaut, Jacopo da Bologna, and Francesco Landini; plus putting up info and pics re Op. 15 Three Places in America through Op. 24 Orpheus Cycle at

Another page (7) of score preparation for Mice and Men, Act V 1C "Jus' Feel That Hair", too.