Friday, March 14, 2008

March 14 - Life Is a Cabaret Opera

Harriet and I take a promotional shot for the 2008 Fresh Voices VIII Festival of New Works, to be given this November, which will include a revival of


Write the second movement of Vocal Sonatina No. 1 ("Spitzer"): II. Andante, with text

I am not a monster
I just don't want to be
This has been a very difficult time
It's very complicated
He walked out on me
I am about my music
And my music's me

Rendezvous with Harriet for coffee, then off to Napa again, past Jameson Canyon's greens and blues,

and fields flaming below a gratuitous rainbow.

Beyond is the Napa Wine Guy (The Cowboy Vintner), with and

without the traffic light,

heading toward the eucalyptus windbreak

against and under a heavy leaden sky.

The walk, completing Congress Valley Road, features pseudo church,

cat on a cold car roof, and

a lost blue(-tarped) boat.

Stacked palms

prove an entry way

across from general greenery

of a gallery forest

whose giant bonzai plantings

reveal road

and lonely oak of a naked Mayacamas hillside in the bend of a road.

Save for skeletal-white eucalypti,

all the rest is shadow of twilight.