Tuesday, March 4, 2008

March 4 - An Afternoon and an Evening - The c. 18,586th Day

Morning fun and games and afternoon of Giuseppe Verdi,

first the Quartet and Storm from Rigoletto, in Jean-Pierre Ponnelle's film

then the Triumphant Entry from Aida for dictation:

Sol Do Re Sol Re Mi Mi Mi Mi Fa Do Mi Re Do Re Mi Mi Re Do Re Mi Mi Re Mi Mi Do Re Re

with a lot of I and V chords, often in first and second inversions, and some V7's, ultimately leading to vi (v of ii or II) and II (V of V).

Evening class from Antonin Dvorak to Scott Joplin (at least the don't all have beards, referring back to yesterday's blog) and

look how hard we're working on the left side of classroom -- Kai, Kevin, Cecilia, Seung, Min, Suong, Christopher, Ahn, Larry, Jacki, Kyle, John (visiting from morning class), Brian, Zhen, Mojib --

and also on the right -- continuing with Alicia, Chris, Vania, Lamar (shielded from the paparazzo), Anthony, Sepidah, and Kim.

Thereafter, continuing on the Left, Bank that is, and it's obviously gray shirt night, with Doug, Peter, Owen,

and Steve (and cheers, no beards).

Prepare for publication the third page of "I Done Another Bad Thing" from Mice and Men: Act V, Scene 1.