Monday, March 17, 2008

March 17 - Cameo Sutro

Writing up Alban Berg for, then, on the way to the next Napa walk, hit upon the notion of the rest of the Vocal Sonatinas, as follows

Vocal Sonatina No. 1 ("Spitzer")

Vocal Sonatina No. 2 ("Vatsyayana")

Vocal Sonatina No. 3 ("Conforte")

Vocal Sonatina No. 4 ("Muhammad")

Vocal Sonatina No. 5 ("Angier")

All gently, whimsically reflecting on life, the universe, and the oldest life-form practice. Begin sketching out third movement of Vatsyayana, to whom the Kama Sutra is attributed. Somehow this three-movement piece will reflect Muzio Clementi's Sonatina No. 2, Philip Glass's Satyagraha (Act I, Scenes 1 and 3; and the final scene of the final act -- but not necessarily in that order), and an Indian improvisation from alap, through the introduction of tala and gat, to a finale of increased energy.

Ah, yes, the walk, first driving by the wine guy again (someday one dreams of a decent shot)

and the Great Grove of Eucalypts

(Altenburger Leader Picture-Postcards at an Exposition?).

Then, shall we say a gentle, utilitarian stroll

through the northern remainder of Buhman Road, pretty much subsumed by development,

save for stark hillocks,

with eucalypts,


and the moon,


and a shed.

The moon a polished

diskette hockey puck.

It will be blood red on the trees as the sun sets

or bone white (the ghost eucalyptus south on 29 at the Imola exit);

the darkness will creep like the fingers of forest folliage near Skyline Park.

And, as final nonsequitur, seemingly as titulatorily promised, a cameo appearance, through windshield glare, of San Francisco's Sutro Tower, with the fog destined to blow in and cover it all up. If not today, some day....