Friday, March 7, 2008

March 7 - Love for Three Lives

Sergei Prokofiev's

Peter and the Wolf main theme for dictation -- first four bars:

Sol Do Mi Sol La Sol Mi
Sol La Ti Do Sol Mi Do Re
Me Me Ti Me Me Ti
Me Te Te

Harmonically I I64 I I64 bVI bVI64 bIII bIII64

Off to SF again, and early again, so off to Moss Beach again, now starting at the north end of Half Moon Bay Airport, where the wildflowers are running amok time (with crows),

sometimes in a line,

or two

in a spirit ring around a pole,

or hiding between the parallels

of croppish greenery.

An airplane takes off from giant coastal chaparral,

with Pilar Point rising above the airport restaurant.

This goal is a modest one, and just opposite the closed Farmer's Daughter fruitstand

of Cabrillo Farm.

Return is again over the coastward flank of Montara Mountain -- here it is on a considerably clearer day, this past June 10, 2007.

Evening practice at Old First Church -- the dress rehearsal of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra's March Madness Concert (8pm, 3/8 -- with more pictures of tonight, and earlier exercises at