Saturday, March 8, 2008

March 8 - All Reality

All the world, in stages from birth to death, today down the I-80 corridor through the Sulfur Springs Mountains in the stark contrasts of light and shadow, grass and leaves,

cows and powerlines,

rills and landslide scars,

pines and oaks.

and beyond to the relatively unspoiled canyon

and valley on either side of the Contra Costa refinery.

It's all to reach the stage of Old First Presbyterian Church in San Francisco for the 2008 March Madness Concert of the San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestra -- fine performances of excellent compositions, for an enthusiastic turnout (with more pictures of the warm-up and take-down at


Philip Freihofner - The Bell Tree

Martha Stoddard - A Little Trip to Outer Space
I. Leaving Earth
II. Walk in Space
III. Finding Planet X

Lisa Scola Prosek - Chain Saw

Alexis Alrich - Fragile Forests
II. Cambodia


Dan Reiter - Toccata and Fugue

Michael Cooke - Sun and Moon

Erling Wold - Mordake Suite No. 2