Thursday, March 20, 2008

March 20 - Mystery Be Wrought

Harriet and I at leisure, watching Jesse Stone: Sea Change, with surprisingly good photography, for an athletic adventure, then writing up Anton Webern for and we're off to Napa yet again on this


Thursday of vacation week... unquestionably Holy Week...

The seemingly requisite shot of the Wine Guy, perhaps attempting to increase the Passover supply --

which brings to mind Op. 55 The Passion According to St. Matthew: II. Where Will You Go?, here in a rustic instrumental rendition, soon to be over at

First it's back to Dry Creek Road, with stately palms as part of three distinct Northern California transplanted residential tree groups --

eucalyptus, redwood, and palm --

all grander than

the not-quite-a-mansion

which they shelter.

Past the spire

of the local Mormon ward (its lower roof nicely compromised by the gentle arc of the Vaca Mountians),

a path of the preserved open space opens up (and it is at this point that the melody to Vocal Sonatina No. 2 ["Vatsyayana"]: I. Introductory appears),

with oaks and a stump

squinting in and

arboreally eclipsing the disc of the rabid sun.

Back and

beyond, Castle Peak


the rise of the upland toward the outland Mayacamas;

a dragon aloft and


there is.

All that's left is a taste of local vintage

with the Napa sized-bottle and white-shirt brigade.

Back home on this first full rebirthing day of Spring,

the music and words of first movement Vatsyayana, the latter much reduced from yesterday -- mostly whole notes to be performed freely; and, unlike accompaniment, G Dorian/Lydian/Minor mix.

Lord of Beings
Do Me Do Te

men and women
La Le Me Do

Do Me Mi

Sol Fi Me Re

Do Me Do Te La Le

Do Me Mi

Do Me Mi Sol Te Do

Do Me Do Te

composed his work
La Le Me Do

small volume
Do Me Mi

as an abstract
Sol Fi Me Re

of the whole
Do Me Do Te La Le Me Do