Thursday, March 6, 2008

March 6 - Love, Death, Taxes, Beauty

More morning merriment, then Quiz 8 for the Theoreticians, with examples drawn from Frederic Chopin, Richard Wagner (above, not exactly my favorite, but certainly musically worthy nonetheless), Guiseppe Verdi,

Georges Bizet,

Erik Satie, and Charles Ives.

Before this, find a version of III. The Hell Out of Here from Op 48 San Fernando Hub to record for Ideolexicon Boxcar Theatre show on March 10 (info at

After, lab time, making instrumental recordings of the first half of Cats, Dogs, and Divas, including III. Between Depression.

Byond, arrive unexpectedly early in San Francisco for third rehearsal of March Madness (3/8 at Old First Church, SF, info also as above) concert with San Francisco Composers Chamber Orchestr, so, time to head to Pacifica,

with Montara Mountain looming above,

and headlands jutting out to sea,

upslope by cranes idling for the lamentable bypass

of alarming Devil's Slide,

where the world is sometimes simplified to slope, sky, tree, and water,

perhaps graced (or marred, depending on the point of view) by abandoned bizarre coastal demented edifice (wrecks) fortifications.

The walk is a sedate one, part of a series south, roughly along the coast, from Marin's Point Reyes Peninsula (Tomales Point), to this new start on a residential street adjacent to a Mormon stake house with a view between lines of evergreens to the ocean,

past the turn-off for the Moss Beach Distillery,

to the northern reach of the Half Moon Bay Airport (the water lining the distance).

Montara Mountain still watches from afar, and

up close, the fields and flowers sail by in splendor.

Return is the Heraclitian same-is-always-different way,

with a setting sun on Montara,

and the water, and


sometimes forming canyons.

In the half-light, the bridge-bypass under construction,

a very distant Mount Tamalpais and a successful practice 3 for SFCCO at Potrero Hill Neighborhood House.