Monday, February 11, 2008

February 11 - Theory and Reality

Josquin des Pres's El Grillo for the Music Theoreticians.

realized on two staves only, with blocky harmonizations of bass line at this point.

Is this C: IV V ii I V II V I? Sure, with the II as secondary dominant to V.

Probably not G: bVII I v IV I V I IV, but interesting to think of it this way, too.

Authentic and plagal cadences, and it is time to end, so the return is via California 4, through the Contra Costa Coast Range,

to Cummings Skyway, with its distant views of Marin's Mt. Tamalpais (down a foreground, of -- shall we indelicately call it? -- Refinery Canyon -- beautiful area, but seems to be off limits given adjacent ownership)

and Solano's Vallejo.

Over the Carquinez Bridge,

past Vallejo Cliffs (How long will this land remain free? Ominous signs to the west of the freeway....),

St. John Mine Hill on-the-fly,

the treed copse memorialized in the volumes U.S. 40 and U.S. 40 Today

(not bad for shots clicked out the passenger side while dutifully keeping eyes focussed on the road ahead),

with the southeast quadrant of the Sulfur Springs massif stretching out languorously.

Right. No sentence there, just a very long fragment, zipping past suspicious precipices near Cordelia,

to a detail of so-called Paradise Valley (again, suspicious) on the outskirts of Fairfield. Same problem, there.

It's again in the 60's, the high temps for the last several days by now, and the California early spring seems to be upon us, hallelujah. Green hills and leafless decidous, an interesting and characteristic combination (There again! No more worries.)

Lagoon Valley (may it be preserved -- not likely, given the empty-heads in the local burg). North Lagoon Mountains (same. same.)

New recordings today are 12 Preludes and Fugues:

8b People Can Fall Down (Fugue)


10b Rock His World (Fugue)