Wednesday, February 27, 2008

February 27 - Dawn of People

Frederic Chopin Prelude in E Minor for dictation --

first eight measures melodically, first four harmonically, in anticipation for next week's topics.

Then to Walnut creek to pick up another usb cable for the iPod.

In the past week, dryer died, Harriet's car battery expired, one of two VCR players in a double-deck set-up in the bedroom gave up the ghost, thermostat on heater went out, plumbing fixtures tanked, visuals turned spotty in the Mozart post over at, audio from Cyberduck to same grew mute in error messages, Macbook misbehaved, photos failed to import, and iPod cord was lost.

As of tonight, Monty-Python style: "got better" -- all is as it was, a City on the Edge of Tomorrow, and household is up and running again, such as it ever is, albeit not without significant monetary outlay in some cases (dryer needed hefty-sum [for us, anyway] replacement; heater only couple of $2.00 AA batteries....)

On the way home, along the 680 corridor, with reflective office buildings at Treat Boulevard,

the semi-rugged Stone Wind Quarry Hill,

quixotic Garage House and The Suburbs (with grass greener under the fog drip of spring-barren trees),

wildflowers in the Parish Hills

and South Lagoon Mountains, and

the north slope of the Central Lagoon Mountains.

It's Harriet's birthday (there she is above, in composer-bassist John Beeman's witty Dear Composer, part of a Fresh Voices show), so we're off to local Mexican joint, followed by flowers and cake and ice cream

and the old Robert Graves

BBC miniseries (6 of 13 episodes) of I, Claudius,

with music of Wilfred Josephs.

Prepare for publication the second page of the "I done another bad thing section of Act V, Scene I Mice and Men, too, and we'll speak no more about it. And speak no more. At least for tonight.