Sunday, February 17, 2008

February 17 - Honk If You Love Your Life

What was this all about in Napa today? Well, one supposes if it's really all that bad, there is always this option.

The walk today, still north on the main drag on the outskirts of Napa, passes a cemetary with standing cypresses,

and standing Jesus.

Beyond that a golf course,

an industrial concern,

wizzened oaks in the sun,

and mountains, always mountains....

Yes, slightly better outdoor pictures today (except maybe the last, but there gotta be mountains, right?), because of walking, not driving, or at least not being in the car, or at least not being in the car and trying to take a picture through a windshield, etc.

Lunch with Harriet at Joe's in Napa; we sit in the bar, rather than the restaurant, so a Tantric India Pale Ale seems appropriate; or it did at the time.

Rolling home and we begin recording Flying Out the Mouth vocals. Here's at least a temporary first, with a suspicious Helium Voice covering the opening bit.