Monday, February 25, 2008

February 25 - Artful Dodgers

Once again, to the Theory ramparts, with John and Nick T studying away at their wonderful text before class...

Today, it's W.A. Mozart (he looks pretty serious -- perhaps he's studying theory -- too),

with the first movement's initial four measures in the most famous of his four Sonatas in C Major, that being K. 545 (c. 1788).

Melodic solfege:

Do Mi Sol Ti Do Re Do La Sol Do Sol Fa Mi Fa Mi


I V43 I IV64 I V6 I

We play the whole movement as a shining example of sonata form.

A (Exposition) B (Development) A' (Recapitulation

with subdivisions

a (first theme) transition b (second theme) codetta development a' trans' b' coda

harmonically as

I V development IV (more typically I) I

Also a little Carl Philipp Emanuel Bach Piano Sonata in A for a sense of the early fortepiano (or is that pianoforte?).

And the journey home, now that the rains have (at least temporarily) stopped?

Benicia Bridge, with the hill beyond reminiscent of Tamalpais,

Parrish Hill against the clouds,

the north slope of the South Lagoon Mountains

and the south slope of the North Lagoon Mountains (seemingly always mountians, and how's that for balance?),

and let's not forget Hume Way in Vacaville.

Who knew Central Californian exurbanites were so conversant with the English empiricist (1711-1776, died just as they were mixing it up in America),

to say nothing of the Tao?

Or is that Wyoming?

Take that, David and

Lao-tzu and

Chuang-tzu, and, O.K.,

Wild Bill (the old one

and, O.K., even this one -- over the hills),

And this, speaking of California natives, here are the recordings of

Op 155 FLYING MIXES: III. Flying Out the Mouth (Yurok Women's Brush Dance) and

IV. The Woman From the Sky (Creek Gar Dance)