Sunday, February 24, 2008

February 24 - Flying Luck

After very late night and driving rain, we take a flying run down to Berkeley Chamber Arts (would that the day were as pleasant as the picture) for our second rehearsal there and first shot at music for the next two Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse shows: April 19 The Red Horse and May 9 Black Horse / Gray Horse at St. Gregory of Nyssa's SF again (a bit of info at and more to come).

Harriet, Kat, and I go over San Rafael News and

some Kurt Weill Threepenny Opera (Polly's Lied, First Threepenny Finale, Jealosy Duet).

Record some Flying Out the Mouth excerpts, including

XIV. The Woman from the Sky

and III. Yonder in the North with Kat there, and V. All the Dark Birds and

VII. Flying Out the Mouth

with Harriet at home. Will also post at soon, plus mixes utilizing the original Native American songs.

The latter versions constitute part of a new piece, as of today:

Op. 155 FLYING MIXES (February 24, 2008)
I. Yonder in the North (Northern Plains Rabbit Dance)
II. All the Dark Birds (Navajo Ribbon Dance)
III. Flying Out the Mouth (Yurok Women's Brush Dance)
IV. The Woman From the Sky (Creek Gar Dance)
XV. Wind Song I-III (Seneca Alligator Dance)