Monday, February 18, 2008

February 18 - Nother Napa Notion, Night

Nother noon no-work-day, so nother Napa notion. Takes a while to get out, with car shuttling, etc., but at last passing by on Route 12, the flowers have taken over the valleys,

and the low hills are vibrant,

graced and framed

by trees,

all watched over by the moon.

Have crossed over the the west side of Napa Valley (two walks -- connecting Skyland and Kennedy Parks, crossing the river on Imola -- were taken quite a while back); there's barely enough light, even a bit of fog amongst the radient clouds,

all watched over by the moon,

in redwoodish splendor.

Nacht, wir mussen heim, so home we must go in the night, recording Pretty Little Melody, and soon putting it up at with all but one of the rest (somehow the original of The Hell Out of Here from San Fernando Hub is still in manuscript -- have to get it transcribed into the computer soon, and recorded and up thereafter) of L.A. Stories.

This was written just after the Rodney King riots with the found text,

All have fights in the noontime hour
All have rights in the doomtime hour
Pretty little melody gunned down gunned
Pretty little melody

Will be putting all of L.A. Stories up at soon, as this will constitute my contribution to the composer-poet night on March 10 at Boxcar Theater in San Francisco -- wish we could also have Kat singing Yonder in the North from Cats, Dogs, and Divas; and Was I Sleeping from Waiting for Godot.