Tuesday, February 19, 2008

February 19 - Bach to Bach Like in the Good Old Days

Pretty rainy today, so no pretty pictures of driving to work (not even any photo of Vladimir and Estragon standing back to back), so guess an image of J.S. will have to suffice (the 1748 Hausman portrait), and he is dictation du jour, specifically, the bass line from the Passacaglia in C Minor.

(The middle staff of above -- upper and lower of André Raison, specifically Organ Book I: Mass on the Second Tone: Christe - Trio in Passacaglia and Mass on the Sixth Tone: Christe - Trio in Chaconne). Harmonization is a schematic after the first variation.

The excerpt brings to mind my own bizarre trope on this in Op 43 Deploration Passacaglias: VII J.S. Bach, substituting the man's perhaps-borrowed bass with that oft-borrowed L'Homme Arme (the Renaissance melody attributed to Antoine Busnois, The Armed Man), and superimposing the Dies Irae, with a codetic mensural parody of Johannes Ockeghem's Busnoisian spin.

Evening class is Classical / Early Romantic from Domenico Scarlatti (Late Baroque)

to Hector Berlioz.

Not only adventures in music; adventures in hair. Dream on...