Friday, February 8, 2008

February 8 - Light Post Travels

Day off, so a nice excuse to continue the personal Bay Area Ridge Trail improvisation by walking from the Route 29 / 221 split north to Napa Corporate Road. Nice pastoral name, the latter.

Why do this? Because it's there. But why this route? Well, at the moment, there is no sane, safe, totally scenic way (i.e. over the mountains on a trail) between Solano and Napa counties, so here we are,

simply walking to the next stop light,

sometimes in the wide, hilly medial strip, which has its own beauty

in the setting sun (look! there's the signature Napa sculpture of a cowboy wrestling with a vat -- how eccentric and serendipidous! -- directly in the crosshairs of the orb),

and its own gravity in the mouldering of a deer adjacent to the indifferent traffic.

Still enough light to capture hills,


dead branches (to be fair, since we had a deceased deer earlier),

and, in the distance, Marin's Mount Tamalpais,

and San Francisco Bay (see? just a little strip there between mountains and foreground...).

In the glow of a Christian Center masquerading as a winery,

reach the traffic light goal.

Back home, post Waiting for Godot, with a few recordings there

(I. Nothing to Be Done - Meghan Dibble, Estragon [below], and Eliza O'Malley, Vladimir) and elsewhere at,

and record Part 1, 3, from On the Road

(yes, that's a bassy, Debussy / Gershwin Porgy and Bess "Summertime" whole-tone, surreal GarageBand-beat trope on the Gillespie-Parker Shaw'Nuff)

and, appropriately enough, Empedocles Was Wrong, from Twelve Preludes and Fugues ("Topical"),

with its elliptical (and instrumentally unperformed) Aristotelian line (as opposed to Platonic or Socratic, seemingly implied by David's image above):

"Empedocles was wrong
Light does not travel."

What was he thinking? No idea, but, for now, thinking that there's nothing to do but end.