Sunday, February 3, 2008

February 3 - Rise & Fall of Roaming Empiricist

Up early to Diablo Valley College to record instrumental version of the interior part of Camino Real: Block 12, for the Horsewomen of the Apocalypse: The White Horse show, 8pm, February 16 at St. Gregory of Nyssa (500 De Haro Street, SF -

Doug's in the lab, grading Assignment 1 for Music 173. Well I remember it, recording Antigone: 10 Come On Now, Miss with haunted-house wind and chains,

(above are Mark Alburger, Guard III; David Saslav, Guard II [obscured], Leticia C. Page, Antigone; Robert Benda, Guard I).

Jump in the car, through the Caldecott Tunnel,

over Bay Bridge to San Francisco,

for rehearsal with Suzanna,

who continues to make a great Curley's Wife, vocally and dramatically, in Mice Suite No. 2, which we have determined will use the orchestral tracks after all.

Also go over Camino: 12 -- surreal to have finally recorded it, after Karl's excellent recording -- and "June's Song," from Henry Miller in Brooklyn (here's Jennifer Ashworth, below, from the showcase performances, pre the run, with more pictures at, and the overture to same at the ilike spot).

Cold, bluster day in SF, with random huge dark clouds and rain spritzes (contrary to some of the sunny pictures above), so it's time to head home, the weather still looming over the English Hills beyond the Chevron in the near environs.

Check in with Harriet, and all's well in Seattle, particularly with Tisha's recital (we certainly still miss having her down here on a regular basis).

Finish preparation of the March 2008 21ST-CENTURY MUSIC (soon to appear at and, one would hope, eventually at, as well as print version from P.O. Box 2842, San Anselmo, CA) for final proofing this week. Cover references Frederic Rzweski

The Fall of the Empire.